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OPINION: Rosemary may be trying to trick the courts, this is why she should get no mercy

By now you probably know who Rose Mary is, if you don't. She is the Woman who masterminded the plan to murder several of her family members in order to receive the money on their insurance policies. While to many this may seem like a simple case of a murderer this is actually something more. This is the sick art of a Women who knew what she wanted and went for it, however she's about to do it once again. All the details of how she may try to trick the court into giving her a lighter sentence or letting her go is down below.

It's in the eye of the beholder :

While many look at Rosemary and see a evil Women who murdered her family members for money. There is actually another layer to this. When I look at her I see an evil genius who knew what she wanted and went for. Without hesitation she took the lives of the people she was closest too, the people who probably loved her, just so she could financially rise in this world. While it's true that money makes people do terrible things, in this case I do not believe that it was just the money. Rosemary's killings shows a person who chose to kill without emotion. This is precisely why the court should show her no mercy.

How she's trying to trick the court :

To everyone who has been following the Rosemary case, you will find that her recent behavior has been erratic and unpredictable at best and I believe that there is a reason for this. The evil genius that Rosemary is, may have already planned her defense. I personally believe that he erratic behavior is her trying to cement a defense of insanity. The insanity defense has been used by a lot of criminals to get them of the hook and I think that she is using this as her best option. If she is found to be insane than she could get off with a lighter sentence or no sentence at all. However she will also have to spend a considerable amount of time in a psychiatric hospital or in treatment.

As the case goes forward we have no idea what will be the result. What do you think will happen, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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