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Is alcohol the death of our generations? Heres what people were doing in the rain.

it is that time of the year when companies and schools will be closed meaning more time for parties.

It is amazing what people can do for alcohol no matter the situation, picture showing people at a groove has been trending these pictures break my heart.

In the picture, you can tell that it is heavily raining, but people are not moving to instate they are claiming on top of chairs and crates.

For The past few days, we have seen rainy days meaning that people should be indoors, but it looks like not everyone was indoors, the world is facing deadly diseases the least we could do is protect ourselves.

It is like people do not care about their health because the is no social distance, and they will end up getting sick from the rain and cold all in the name of fun and alcohol I fear for our generation.

What needs to happen for the youth to realize that alcohol does not pay?

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