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Response From SASSA To Applicants Rejected For SRD R350 Grant. View this

Nearly 4 million candidates who filed petitions did not receive the SRD grant. Some grant candidates weren't happy with the outcome of their submission. Yesterday was a horror for many jobless workers who had been waiting for the payment for months. It startled me when it was declined.

Any proposals for reassessment that have been rejected are ineligible for appeal through SASSA.

Declination Justification Action Required:

The consumer got repayments into his savings account for the required period aggregating more than the predefined limit: R595 from August 2021 through March 2022 and R350 from April 2022 through March 2023.

2: identification authentication failed because the applicant's personal information and the information the Ministry of Home Affairs acquired about them at the time of entry do not correspond.

3: current district grant = The client had obtained a social money for herself or themselves during the registration term.

The candidate is indeed getting welfare that totals more than R350 per month or lives in a federal facility, making them ineligible for the grant, according to the data on the employment application. This exclusivist reaction is indicated as 4. Users should thoroughly check the statement and contract papers.


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