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Theft robbery

Thief cried out loud after driver did this to him

The Republic of South Africa is currently amongst the countries which have high crime rate in both rural areas and Urban areas. Situation was not like this in the republic of South Africa some years ago, but now one can be tempted to conclude that it is totally out of hands.

All types of crime are happening within the republic of South Africa, and unfortunately there are so many innocent souls that are loosing their lives in that mist.

There is a video now making waves on different social media platforms. In this video, we see a thief which got locked his hands by truck driver after caught trying to steal at ghe back of the truck.


"The arm is broken, it seems like door bang his arm when the driver applys emergency breaks".

"Hope he had time to think about his crimes and learns not to do crime again"

"This is cruelty! This is torture. Come on South Africa. Desperation is everywhere, poverty and starvation is everywhere! Have pity!"


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