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Suspects Who Have Been Terrorizing Alex Have Been Arrested

Results of community patrols have proven something that a lot of people have not been aware of, but it seems like the efforts from the community members are really assisting them in ensuring that they are able to deal with this matter. In a way that is both successful and efficient to ensure that the members of the public are safe, because these individuals are always terrorizing the community members.

The community patrols that occurred around Alex have resulted into some guys being found with alleged stolen items, these individuals come after the other ones who were arrested earlier because they had perpetrated some serious criminal activities.

It seems like the criminals in the area have not learnt their lesson, they're still perpetuating all kinds of criminal activities on the ordinary members of the public. It's just something that a lot of people really do not agree with, and the police are not helping the community members by arresting as many criminals as they can because at the end of the day we know that the courts are going to let them out on bail.

We are working on information about these guys and we will inform you, it is just that these individuals are involved in some serious criminal activities and this includes terrorizing community members that they live with.

It is alleged that these gangs move from one place to the next trying to avoid having to come across the community members, but then they take advantage of the fact that they know the layout of the area and hence they can just do any kind of robberies. If the police can be able to conduct a raid on their premises and ensure that they arrest everyone who is found on scene to have their day in court, and imprisoned so that they can see how it is going to be like if they're ever arrested.

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