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Look What Five Armed Robbers Were Found With In Berea

Crime is becoming a norm and it is increasing on a daily basis therefore law-abiding citizens are being terrorized by perpetrators everywhere. They get attacked in their own homes, when they go in and out their residential areas and it is very unfair. Another thing which is a major problem that has been highlighted is the fact that perpetrators are fully and as much as law enforcement officers therefore it makes it difficult for law enforces to fight crime.

It has also been established that there are law enforcement officers who are corrupt you keep bringing guns to the streets therefore this will cause crime to increase. Five armed men have been apprehended in Berea, Tudhope and Soper road. These perpetrators have been terrorizing community members and the law enforcement officers found them in possession of illegal firearms. They were also found with 3 live ammunition, two dangerous weapons (knifes) and suspected stolen cellphones.

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