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They found Muthi under a dead mans armpits after digging his grave, Sangoma told us to dig


Family of a young man who died in car accidents got a serious call, after getting strange dreams about the deceased. The man who died back in 2012 started haunting them without realizing that he is in need of help. According to the information provided by his mother the man was buried in May the same year he died.

What surprised the family was that they started getting dreams about him lately. This caused the family to go out and seek help from a local Sangoma in Mangaung, Free State. His mother explained to the press that his son would visit them and ask why they buried him alive. Later on the family visited a Sangoma after realizing that they all getting the same dream about their loved one.

They visited a sangoma and were told that their son was used as a zombie. Sangoma instructed that they visit his grave and dig for something he didn't mention to them. After digging his grave the family found muthi under his armpits and a knife they don't know were it came from. All they were told by a sangoma was that the person who did that tried to kill family members used their son.

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