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Gayton Mackenzie Gives People Hope After He Said This

Gayton Mackenzie says he will never be a Mayor of people using bucket toilets, never. These are the words that were said by Gayton McKenzie who is very adamant that he will not allow his place to be run over, to be in a situation where they allow the criminality to continue.

This is definitely something that is a bit stressing and concerning to the general public and that is why it is definitely not something that can be allowed, we are just hoping that the authorities are able to do the right thing and are sure that the criminality is prevented.

We have witnessed lot of incidences that are happening like this and it is something that is concerning to a lot of people, and the country is caught up in a situation where there is a lot of criminality and the authorities in the country are not doing a very good job.

In ensuring that there is progress because the things that were seen happening around are the opposite of that, we are seeing more and more places basically degrade or declining in quality due to the fact that the people who are responsible for this project are basically stealing funds.

This is something that has definitely created the wrong impression and messed up the economy because the country would have been in a different situation if things were done the right way, it is very unfortunate that the members of the public have ended up in a situation like this.

Where they are wondering to themselves what can be done in order to change the situation that we are in, it is truly a very tough situation that has to be dealt with it is unfortunate that we ended up in a situation where we can't do anything about the crimes and the problems that we're having.

Since becoming Mayor, Gay ton says that certain rich people, certain politically connected across all parties and a select group of councillors don’t pay electricity, only the electricity of the poor gets blocked and cut, that all ends today.

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