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Road Accident

15 Killed in Pretoria crash accident between a bus and truck

Accident claims 15 lives in Pretoria today morning 10 June 2022, accident between truck and bus that had passengers. It is one of the horrible accidents you might never seen motorists on the scene are literally shaking by the nature of the of the accident.

When the one was explaining on how the accident happened it will shock you, it was said that the bus driver was trying to overtake on a road that is not clear up ahead. While a truck was coming on the other lane and the bus driver it was too late for him to get to his lane then the bus collided with the truck head on.

The tipped off that accident lead to taking 15 lives, when the emergency service on the scene they explained that some of the people where stuck inside they had to use the power jaw to cut off the metals and take them out.

The number of fatal injuries where not given to the media but we know that 15 people did not make it alive, some of those that were badly injured were rushed to hospital immediately.

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