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“How It Started and How It Is Now”- A young Lady Left Many People Stunned after sharing her Story


Life is a war in which only the tough ones survive. Growing up comes with a responsibility that many people feel scared to encounter. As we are growing up, there’s a point where you feel like you’re old enough to begin your life journey on your own and stop being a burden to your parents at home. This is one thing that many people are scared of. No one is ready to move out of their comfort zone and start from scratch, but sometimes you forcefully have to because of circumstances.



A young lady by the name of Hunadi left many people stunned after sharing her life journey from the day she decided to move out of her parents' home and go look for a green pasture in the streets. Hunadi is an upcoming entrepreneur who sells achar and kota in the streets. Her story is one of the most motivating and heart-touching.


Out of happiness and excitement, she took it to social media to explain how she started afresh by deciding to move out of her parents’ house and rent a room where she thought her achar business might work. She moved out with nothing to start up on, no bed, no stove, no furniture and house accessories. She was sleeping in a cold room, but her dreams pushed her to fight. See photos of her room from the day she moved in below:


She continued to push her achar business even though she was undermined and called names for selling achar, but all the challenges didn’t break her down. After 5 months of saving, she finally got her breakthrough. She saved money and bought herself furniture, and her room now looks amazing. See photos of her room below:

After this was posted, many people were impressed, and some who couldn’t open up about their own life struggles felt comforted and motivated to not give up. See some of the comments below.



This is amazing. Relying on yourself and having your own space is one of the first steps to bigger dreams. It’s not easy and you will never be ready to start afresh, but just pull yourself together and do it. There’s always a brighter side in everything.


Read her story in the pictures below:



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