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Scary Death Stories- The Boy Who Died In A Gym Mat

There are many cases of accidents and unfortunate deaths. If one scours the internet for cases of shocking deaths, there is no shortage of these stories You will be shocked, she will be terrified and you might even find it hard to believe that such things happen. Let's look at one scary death story:

There was a young boy who was in highschool. The 17 year old athlete played basketball at school.

One day he planned on attending a basketball game after school and his mother was expecting him to come home afterwards but when he was late she began to worry. After searching and not finding him she called the police to report her son missing.

The next morning during gym class at the school a student noticed a pair of socks sticking out of the rolled up gym mats that were placed in the corner of the gym. Upon inspection, the student saw that it was the missing boy who was inside.

The boy was dead and had been for hours. He apparently climbed and tried to reach into the rolled up gym mat for something but had fallen in and became stuck. With no way of escape he suffocated in the upside down position that he was stuck in.

Police investigated and watched video footage from the school. They did not suspect foul play and ruled his death as accidental but the family of the boy did not accept this and believe that he was murdered.

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