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'This Man Needs To Be Exposed For Beating His Wife, He Is On The Run From Police

The woman’s name is Zine Ngomi she is apparently being beaten up by her boyfriend on every regular basis, this boyfriend is very happy violent and she is in a very tough situation and the boyfriend is named Thabiso Lebo Damane and he resides in Pretoria West.

These kind of activities are not allowed in our society and we try as much as we can to bring down the crime which is happening we do not encourage the violent displays like these against anyone, and anyone who does so will be incarcerated for a very long time and the court will not be merciful whenever they’re giving their judgment.

He beat her up, Stabbed and locked her in the house and took her phone so she cannot call for help, these are clearly the actions of a psychotic person because he went out of his way to abuse this woman and show her that he is not someone that she should be with.

Her relative went to check up on her and found her on the floor badly beaten she then rushed her Pretoria west police station to report the matter, and later to the hospital where she is admitted. She is 7 weeks pregnant and was beaten repeatedly by the boyfriend and now the doctor said that she suffered a kidney failure due to these injuries.

Thabiso Lebo Damane is on the run and the police are looking for him high and low, and they are also urging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect to come forward with that information.

It is quite clear that the suspect has to be brought to justice because of the pain that he has inflicted on this woman, he is clearly a danger to society and has to be brought in before he harms another person, we cannot allow such activities to happen on our watch and that is why we have to assist the law enforcers to bring such perpetrators of crimes to justice.

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