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Is "Spar Tops" in trouble for selling alcohol to underage highschool girls? Angry South Africans.

South African parents were in deep melancholy after witnessing numerous high school girls purchasing alcohol beverages with their school uniform on. One was literally walking across the road holding a "six pack" of a "mayfair". The second one was seen at one of South Africa's leading alcohol retailers (Spar Tops) performing an official purchase in her school uniform. The biggest arguments were not the fact that they were either buying or walking around carrying the beverages whilst in uniform, but, how the sale entities sold to high school children, who are clearly still underage and not alcohol friendly.

There were various arguments regarding this matter. But, the primary concern was how these sales occurred to school uniformed individuals.

In their defense, many adults who were commentors were convinced that the current end of the year examinations must be immensely hard and challenging to a point that depending on alcohol as a form of coping mechanism is the answer. Moreover, it is predicted that, they may actually be over eighteen years of age. But, even if that is the case, in accordance to many historical advices to the educational system and general school policies. Inappropriate acts are highly prohibited, especially if an individual is wearing school uniform. These acts include : drinking in school uniform, smoking in school uniform and more. This is merely to preserve the value of the institution / school. Also, the value of education as a social tool for positive transformation.

Although , no reasons or logical explanations may be received from the entities and school children that purchased from them. It is important to state that underage drinking is a huge social issue that eventually affects the entire economy because it leads to drop outs, experimentation of higher dosages of alcohol or drugs, absence from school, inactivity in terms of school work, lack of ambition and portrays the institutions in a negative manner.

In conclusion, parents should make it a normality to regularly check on their children during this exam season, so that academic pressure does not lead to bigger problems such as addictions and school expulsions that can directly affect a child's life.

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