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Women abuse men, demand child maintenance for children they never fathered.

MBABANE: Nonhlanhla Dlamini, the Director of the Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse(SWAGAA) said some men are complaining about abuse at the hands of women who forced them to maintain children they never fathered.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Tuesday, Dlamini said men expressed the pain they suffered at the hands of women during their consultation meetings with the public in the various chiefdoms.

“Some men are complaining that women abuse them through misrepresentation, forcing them to maintain a child when they knew very well that the kid was fathered by another man, only for the woman to reveal the real father once the child has grown-up” said the SWAGGA Director. 

Dlamini further mentioned that men also complained that once they become sick, suffering from diabetic, some women start disrespecting them by uttering degrading sentiments about their situation because they can no longer perform sexually in bed. 

Furthermore, the Director said men reported that once they become diabetic, some women will then pretend to be visiting their parental homes, when in fact they were visiting their secret sexual partners to satisfy themselves sexually and then come back home.

“We went to various chiefdoms to consult with the people because the public has been complaining that we are more centered in the urban areas. We visited areas like Lavumisa, Lomahasha, Velezizweni, Pigg’s Peak where we organized group discussions. We wanted to find out the challenges faced by the people for our action plan next year” she said.

On another note, the SWAGGA Director further highlighted that women were complaining about physical abuse at the hands of men, while others reported cases of sexual and financial abuse by Pastors in the various churches.

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