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Bad news- the government has introduced new rules as of october

The new driving guidelines have been created and imparted by The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) on 1 October 2021. It will all be about checked driving conduct. 

The task began a more limited size with stage 1 in July 2021, preceding RTIA affirmed there has been sufficient advancement to dispatch a public rollout of the framework called stage 2 on Friday 01 October. 


The construction is known as the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses (Aarto) framework. Drivers and armada administrators will be in danger of losing execution focuses when seen as liable. The disciplines may incorporate suspension or dropping of licenses, proficient driving grants, or administrator cards. 

"The fault point framework will accommodate a simple and target component of recognizing ongoing infringers with the goal that the pertinent punishments can be forced," Minister of Transport Joe Maswanganyi said. 

"Those that keep on violating the laws will wind up, at last, losing their driving licenses through suspensions and abrogations of their driver's licenses." 


The vehicle authority said Phase 1 of the Aarto, which began in July until September 2021, saw the RTIA increment its public impression through the dispatch of seven assistance outlets and advanced administrations like the Aarto site and the rollout of the Aarto portable application. 

As then, at that point, there is Phase 2 coming up straightaway. Stage 2 will run between October and December 2021, where the Auto framework will come online in 67 neighborhood and metropolitan civil regions. 

"Stage 1, from July to September 2021, has seen the RTIA increment its public impression through the execution of seven (7) AARTO administration outlets and online administrations like the AARTO site and organization of the AARTO versatile application," RTIA said. 

"Stage 2 in the period among October and December 2021 will observe the announcement of the AARTO Act 46, of 1998 as revised in 67 Local and Metropolitan Municipal Areas coming on the web with the AARTO cycle. 

"This is joined by the arrangement of the free Appeals Tribunal and the presentation of electronic help of records. Execution accomplices in the AARTO esteem chain are generally ready as the arrangements for the full-scale public rollout are increasing."Drivers alert: Government is introducing new driving rules from October (

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