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Theft robbery

A 29-year-old teller was sentenced to 8 years for stealing this amount from a lottory winner

A 29-year-old former teller has been sentenced to 8 years. This comes after this teller stole money from a lottery winner. According to Blessings, The money was transferred by the teller from the lottery winner's account, and this lottery winner didn't even notice that this huge amount of money was transferred from his bank, the bank itself became suspicious after the teller made such big transfers and they investigated.

"A 29-year-old former bank teller was sentenced to eight years, Imprisonment for stealing a substantial amount of money from a lottery winner, North West police said while working at the bank, Mthiyane illegally transferred R536 000 to three different accounts belonging to family members, and to an unsuspecting account holder from one of the account holders who won the lottery. This was done without the account holder's acknowledgment. The bank investigating team noticed these huge transfers and contacted the account holder" reported Blessings Ramoba.People have shared their thoughts on this matter "Dumbest thing...he forgot that money has a paper trail" said John. "Jail and criminal record just for being greedy," said Lebo.

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