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It has been alleged that 2 of the Moti brothers were killed during the Kidnapping of the 4 of them

On the 20th of October, the four minor Moti brothers were went missing then their parents reported to the police the disappearance of their sons. Mia, Alaan, Zayyad and Zidan Moti were the kidnapped children on their way to school (Curro) at gun point for 3 weeks. Nazim and Shakira Moti,

Are the parents. The entire nation spread the word when the Moti brothers were kidnapped and posted it on all social media platforms, on radio stations and on TV news all the entire 3 weeks until they were found. Nazim is a very wealthy, powerful and profound businessman who is,

Not so famous. He is also the owner of the private jets who are mostly used by politicians and the president himself. The family was pleading everywhere for the safe return to their children. On the 11th of November2021, they were found in Vuyani. When the anonymous couple found the,

Brothers were unharmed according to the police and the investigation of the Kidnapping continued the police said to have complains about the Moti family not helping them with the investigations. The family allegedly paid 50 million dollars to the kidnappers for the safe return of their children,

The family was romoured to have moved to Dubai after the Kidnapping of their children and they recently confirmed their move and they said they do not feel safe anymore in South Africa. The family said the Mzansi is slowly becoming like Mexico and Nigeria where kidnappings for ransom and are a,

Lucrative tradings. It has been alleged that when the Moti brothers came back home 2 of them were already murdered. Days before the Motis were found the stack of drugs which costed about 2 million rands went missing in Hawks offices and influencers on Twitter were already sure that the,

Kidnapping of the kids led to the missing drug stack. The news papers have not spoken to the family yet about their children being murdered.


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