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"More than 20 bullets were meant for me & my car was petrol bombed" a lady is grateful for her life

Due to poverty and deprivation, unstable living arrangements and inconsistent parenting, some South African children are exposed to risk factors which increase their chances of becoming involved in criminality and violence. The high levels of inequality, poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and marginalisation. 

The rate of crime increases drastically every year and it's getting even more scarier by the day. A lady who nearly lost her life, recently shared her story of how escaped death. In her post which she shared on social media, she mentioned that:

"I use to say "I'm God's favorite daughter" and guess what i truly am. My heart is now at peace, I've healed and accepted everything. Little did l know that someone ruthless was after my life. 

The guy petrol bomb my car thereafter they went straight to my room and shot More than 20bullets which were meant to kill me at the window. My comeback is gonna be very strong, watch the space". Whoever who has been trying to get rid of her, failed as she is still alive and planning on taking her revenge on the perpetrator. 

This is absolutely heartbreaking to see and we are grateful for this young lady's life as she is indeed God's favorite. What do you think of the situation which this lady had to face? Share your thoughts and by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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