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People say Menlyn Mall needs cleansing after this happened twice in one month

A 29-year-old man has died after falling from an upper level of the Menlyn Park shopping center in Pretoria. "At this point, we can confirm that an unaccompanied male fell from the top floors of Cavendish Court to the levels below this morning," stated the general manager of the Menlyn retail area, Nisha Kemraj. After the event, paramedics were dispatched quickly. The patient was stabilized on-site before being transported to a local hospital. He was pronounced deceased upon his arrival. The man was apparently okay while shopping, but after receiving a phone call he committed suicide.

This is the second inexplicable death that has occurred at the same mall within three weeks. A 31-year-old man passed away on 7 July after falling from the top level of Menlyn Mall. SAPS has opened an inquest file for investigation at the Brooklyn police station.

Several individuals suspect that the mall's mysterious deaths may have been caused by a malevolent spirit. "There will be numerous suicides there at this time of year. The spirit demands a sacrifice ", said a Twitter user.

@Nokulun66 Menlyn must be purified. Too much negative energy It's terribly tragic.

On this date one month ago, a white woman likewise performed the identical action at the location where they must be cleansing. It is improper.

However, it appears that the latest deaths there were suicides. There is not a single issue with Menlyn. Suicidal people will always find a method to kill themselves, with or without Menlyn or any other towering structure. A similar incidence occurred just one month ago. Perhaps the mall should consider putting netting or something similar to prevent this from happening.

If this death was the result of suicide, we must raise awareness about depression. Depression is the biggest global cause of disability and a substantial contributor to the global disease load.

Patterns and signs

During a depressive episode, the individual experiences depressed mood (feeling sad, irritated, or empty) or a loss of pleasure or interest in activities for the majority of the day, virtually every day, for a minimum of two weeks. Several other symptoms may also be present, including impaired attention, feelings of excessive guilt or low self-worth, pessimism about the future, suicidal or dying-related thoughts, sleep disturbances, changes in food or weight, and extreme fatigue or low vitality.

Seek aid if you ever encounter such symptoms. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group provides counseling at no cost. Monday through Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm, you can reach a counselor.

Telephone: 011 234 4837; Fax: 011 234 8182. For Suicidal Emergencies, Please Call 0800 567 567. 24hr Helpline 0800 456 789


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