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'This Is What Midrand Police Deal With As 3 Armed Robbers Were Arrested

Three suspects arrested by Police Officials in Midrand, in order to understand the background to the criminal activities that have been committed in the area we have to know the geography of the area.

It is a relatively rich area where a lot of people who are in the middle-class and upper-middle-class Reside, they drive nice cars as well as have nice phones and other things along those lines and that has become a source of attraction for the criminals in the area.

Whereby suspects from the poorer parts of Johannesburg find find themselves moving from the Central Business District, and going all the way to Midrand in order to perpetuate their criminal activities.

So the people in the area can rest easy now, knowing that the suspects who have been terrorizing them have been apprehended by the police before they could flee.

This is something that is definitely encouraged, because the Citizens of South Africa feel very unsafe with the criminal activities that are being done around the country.

As well as the alarming statistics that are always been revealed by the authorities, so it becomes a serious issue for the general public with such things happening in the country.

Suspects have been linked to several housebreakings and robberies, but the thing that is disappointing to a lot of people is the fact that these kinds of individuals then receive bail and they will not be seen again in the court of law.

The criminals have a tendency of receiving bail and not showing up for the court date, where they are supposed to pay the price for their crimes and incarcerated.

Which is a serious problem because the authorities cannot follow up on such things, and ensure that the criminals who was supposed to be behind bars are exactly where they belong.

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