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Victim Murdered By Hijackers For A R100k Car, Security Ran Away

Victim murdered by hijackers : linden. Coj. Gp. Do u recognise these criminals? Call 10111 or your nearest CPF. It is very clear that the suspects are wanted by the police and right now they are currently the most wanted in the area, due to the fact that they murdered a man for no reason whatsoever.

They can be seen shooting him right in the head just for his small vehicle something that is completely ridiculous because they shouldn't have done that to him, many people might even say that he should have just cooperated with the suspect but this is not something that we expect from these individuals.

The incident has seriously caused a stir on social media with many people wanting justice to be brought to this family, because it doesn't make sense that someone can murder another individual and getaway with it.

The police are asking for anyone who might have information that will lead to the arrest of the suspects who were involved in this horrible crime to come forward, so that they can be brought forward and punished accordingly - life sentences should be given out to these individuals because they are clearly a danger to society.

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