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Video: Watch Man Getting Robbed AT Small Street In Johannesburg On Broad Day Light

The rate of crime in South Africa is so high to an extent that criminals are no longer scared of doing committing crime in broad day light and in full public view, they are not scared of whether the people will take the law into their own hands, they just do their things as if it is a right thing to do, they grab and rob people while other people are passing by minding their own business.

Johannesburg is one of the roughest and the scariest areas to find yourself walking in, whether is at night or during the day, you are no longer safe while walking, there is a possibility of getting mugged at any minute and a man found himself experiencing the hostility of the Small Street in the City Centre.

A video punished on Twitter (video link: shows a white man getting robbed off his personal belongings while people pass by and minding their own business, no one even attempted to help or try stopping the guys from hurting or robbing the gentleman they were robbing.

On the video, four men are seen manhandling a man, they grabbed him and started wrestling with him, overpowering and one of them walks away after managing to take the back pack, the three men were not doen, they continued roughening the man up and they searxhed him, took everything he had with him before they left him there in total shock.

After they were done, they left him and he looked confused since he was robbed, people did not even help him get up, they just kept walking past him and that is how Mean Johannesburg, Small Street in particular can be towards people, nobody cares what is happening to the other person, they rather take out their phones and start capturing the moments so that they can post on social media for likes and comments.

Content created and supplied by: Shonisani_Cliff (via Opera News )

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