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Enoch is accused of sexually harassing a spa patron. Look how much he allegedly offered her to drop the case?

A woman has said that Enoch Godongwana sexually harassed her at a spa. He is said to have offered the woman R250,000 to drop the case.


This time, he isn't with his wife, and he wants to bribe his way out of it, just like Cyril did. She has to take the money because the case will go away if she doesn't. Just watch the space, and you'll see what I mean.

even if it doesn't disappear. What does she get out of that? At least with that R250,000, she can change her life. Our ancestors did these things to hurt the other person, so I think it should be okay. It could be very helpful to her.

Corruption has become the norm in this government. Where is Madonsela to figure out if corruption is a crime or not? Corruption has become the norm in this government. Where is Madonsela to figure out if corruption is a crime or not? How much do these people make that they can pay so much money to get rid of their sins? 250 000.

The money hidden in mattresses, not the salaries, is what makes that possible. If that's true, then why doesn't the woman open the case?

I don't trust anything a journalist says who only shows one side. These days, it's great to be a journalist in South Africa because you can write about anything, even if you can't prove it. If they ask where you got the information,

You only say that you can't tell who told you what. This person once stole money from pension funds. In the ANC jungle, this is just another day. Welcome to the new dawn, where corruption has become the norm.

It was just a question of time. The crime scene in South Africa is a real crime scene, and we're still waiting for Enoch Godongwana to say that he didn't offer R250,000 to get the charges dropped.

Someone said on Twitter that she should take the money as evidence of hush money and keep going with the case. One day, I want to be able to tell my story.

I won't go to a spa again. Some of those massage therapists are horny, and I wouldn't want someone to watch me get a massage unless I was with someone.

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