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State Sabotage : Durban Fire Is Still Burning


Update from the scene is the fire is still burning and this is completely disappointing because it shows that this fire was premeditated and of course the fact that there is no proof at the moment does not make this less true, however we are allowed to speculate and it is clear that something is afoot here.

First of all the roads from the port were being sabotaged by individuals and then they proceeded to harass the truck drivers who were transporting goods from the ports to the inner cities, right now we have incidences where the port was hacked into and their operations were disrupted for many days.

Which created huge problems for the authorities there now they have burned down a building at the port because it is clear that they saw that the survival of these companies is quick when they do not attack their infrastructure.

So they thought that they should go directly to the infrastructure because it takes a long time for them to rebuild, this is completely selfish of these alleged syndicates although we do not have the proof things are very apparent that there might be some kind of state sabotage going on here.

Ethekwini Fire and Rescue services are still in attendance.

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