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Sign Of End Time: Beautiful Lady Smoked With The Bible Because Of What The Bible Says About Women

 A beautiful young African lady smoked marijuana from the parts of her holy book, which she recorded on Twitter for the benefit of readers.

 In the photos shared on the Internet, you can see that this woman, only known as the priestess, smokes after cutting out the part of the Bible that says that women should always obey their husbands.

 The photo of fermented marijuana she was trapped in the center of an open holy book was all she decided to share before acting. When she put the same illegal substance on the Bible, she captioned the photo, "Forgive me, God in heaven,"

 Soon after, she posted photos of other incredible marijuana products on social media, and posted Bible notes on social media, and these photos quickly became popular.

 Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko posted the photos and videos on social media and received a series of responses. The public mainly criticized the middle-aged woman, and many people speculated that she might have a mental illness.

 What got into the girl's mind and made her do such an unthinkable thing is still unknown. Believers use the holy book to live a life of justice and virtue because it is considered one of the purest books in the world.

 Do you think she is right to smoke with the Bible? Your opinion is important to us

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