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'God is punishing black people in KZN for looting last year' _ woman's words amid KZN floods


The province of KwaZulu Natal is currently facing the biggest challenge that they have ever faced, for the second time since the year began.

Last month, the province was left completely destroyed with heavy rains and floods. The KZN floods destroyed more than 4 000 homes completely, left more than 40 000 people displaced and more than 400 people lost their lives.

Many people were are left without homes, clothes and all their belongings. Many people who were affected are simply just grateful that they are still alive and waiting on the government to assist them with houses.


The province is still reeling from the devastating floods last month, it has not even recovered from the damage, there are dozens of people who were swept away by the floods but still not found, a month after the tragedy.

This week, the province experienced heavy rains again. Floods that swept houses and buildings away, like those that occurred in April, however, this time around the floods are not as bad as the previous.

The country is sympathizing with the people of KwaZulu Natal and what they are going through, because this is not an easy thing to go through.

There are always some people who are going to be negative in all this, especially on social media. A woman named Sarah Michaelson wrote:

"God is punishing black people in KZN for looting last year"

Last year July the province of KwaZulu Natal went to the biggest looting spree to ever occur in the country. They looted and cost the country billions of rands.

People are very insensitive, this is not the time to be joking around. People lost their lives, homes and all their belongings. Things that they will never get back.

But social media is just cruel and insensitive, this is wrong.


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