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Things got bad for foreigners in THIS area. Three of them were SET ALIGHT (Look at what happened)

Morokweng's enraged residents have shut down all foreign-owned spaza and supermarket businesses. A South African man was allegedly kidnapped by two foreigners for a few days, and now this has come to light. Some foreigners have also been accused of selling drugs to minors. According to the residents of Morokweng, no foreign-owned businesses will be permitted to operate in the community, and all foreigners must be forced to leave the area.

This image was used to illustrate the point.

In Morokweng, in the North West, three foreign nationals have been killed in clashes with locals. It is claimed that local citizens set fire to the property where they suspected that drugs were being sold, and that police were called to deal with the situation.

Because it's a time bomb, we need to address this issue immediately. You put yourself and your loved ones in danger by ignoring or rejecting this fact. Many people are taking to social media to express their rage and frustration over being misled and undervalued. So-called intellectuals who refuse to understand the plight of the poor frequently mock these communities. Criminals and undocumented immigrants are being dealt with on the ground. Because our police officers take bribes, all I know is that the locals know who and where the drug suppliers are. All of us have had enough of this nonsense by this point!

A video clip showing a burning business in the neighborhood.

Ordinary citizens cannot be expected to put up with foreign criminals because of the government's financial ties to other African leaders. The ANC government does nothing to stop the rampant lawlessness that it oversees. And to make matters worse, corruption and incompetence abound within the ranks of the police. When it comes to foreign criminals and illegal immigrants, the government does nothing to stop them. To deal with these intruders, the people of South Africa will be ruthless. They chose to die in South Africa rather than fight for freedom in their own countries.

Several foreign-owned businesses have been shut down.

Thank you, PIC, for this wonderful illustration!

As a small town in South Africa's North West region, Morokweng is well-known for its fruit and vegetable production. When Kgosi Maiketso broke away from the colonial administration in the 1790s, he moved into the settlement 140 kilometers north-west of Vryburg. The chiefs must take a position and make a claim in order to determine who is and isn't welcome on their land. The government has never been able to help with this issue. It's no surprise to anyone that they're running for office.


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