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JMPD Police Destroyed Peoples Shacks And Markets (see why)

Looking around many townships and communities today, There is always certain families which has forever lived in certain communities, but they had to live there renting generation after generation, although they do qualify to get some RDP houses from the government they still do not have. Them for obvious reasons which is that one needs to bribe to get an RDP, One need to be known by certain individuals within the municipality in order to be given the house since they seem to be getting given to friends and family.

Well after a certain group of people in the bluesrand in Johannesburg realized that the wait for the RDP houses was a great waste of time for them, they went and occupied a certain piece of land and set up some small shacks and other structures which some were used as markets to see different stuff for a living but unfortunately, The JMPD together with the Coj & Lapind security went to the places were all those shacks were set up and did this to them (see pics below)

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This is super bad right? Well let's look at it from this perspective,The people who set all this up are the ones who were wrong in the first I mean nobody has the right to build on any land that's not on their names or atleast given a permission to do so from their local municipality and pay a certain amount of money depending on the agreement had by both parties.

But then again if you should look at the type of structures being destroyed i bet you can also tell that there is no way this people were gonna afford to have any negotiations with the municipality for the land for they are poor,This structures of theirs being destroyed like this has now caused a stir online and now people have expressing their views in this whole situation.Read the screenshots below to see what some said say.

So now with all this being said what is it that you have to say regarding the demolishing of this structures, Bare in mind that the JMPD doing all this is the very same police unit failing to stop crime and clear drugs out of the streets of Johannesburg but here there are destroying the poor peoples structures.Please write us a comment below 


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