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Flashback I Asked God to Bless Me With 1 Disabled Kid But He Gave Me 44 Disabled Kids Woman Narrates

An unmarried woman who had been trying to get pregnant for five years after her marriage ended up praying to the Almighty to give her at least one kid who was born with disabilities. When she prayed to God, she asked him to send her a kid that would have disabilities. God granted her prayer and provided her with 44 children with disabilities.

She said that she had three pregnancies, all of which resulted in disabled children. She stated she took 13 additional disadvantaged children from her neighborhood to live with her because of her compassion for them. A few onlookers dismissed her as crazy and requested that her husband evict her. Her husband's family rejected her.

Many disabled children were bringing themselves to her. Since she's a teacher and had taken care of her own children, she took care of them as if they were her own. She claimed to have 44 disabled children at the time of this writing. She admitted that caring for them wasn't simple, but she made the decision to do so because she cared about them.


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