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She was Killed By Her Jelous Male Classmate for Passing her Exams :See here


South Africa is fast becoming an unsafe place for women. Everyday we hear stories of women getting killed by men and nobody is doing anything about it .Another recent case of Gender based violence has hit South Africa


A young woman who was a student at EWC has been killed by her male classmate. The name of the lady is Mbali Hlongwane and she was studying information technology and had a very bright future ahead of her .Unfortunately her jelous male classmate killed her just because she passed all of her subjects .

What kind of a person does that .Why would you kill someone just because they are good in school .The murder was premeditated because the killer threatened her in their school whatsapp group and promised she will kill her the next day and that he was prepared for prison for it .

Jelousy is very dangerous .its the only thing that an lead someone to commit murder just because someone got better grades in school.

This killer clearly has no idea what jail is like .Imagine giving away your whole life and career and all the opportunities you might have had in life over jelousy of grades.It shows how childish he is and This is one man will live to forever regret this the days he stabbed that lady .

As for the family of the young lady we cant even begin to imagine the kind of devastation they are going through right now . They sent their daughter to school but now instead of coming back with a degree she is coming in a coffin .

Its time now for people to stand up to Gender based violence. The law must introduce the death sentence for cases like these .We cant keep living like this anymore .Women are even scared of going out because of such things .This must come to an end .

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