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Watch: Man hitting a woman in a taxi

Gender based violence seems to be a huge problem in South Africa, as there is always a case of gender based violence everywhere. This is obviously a huge problem in South Africa and it needs to be addressed urgently. 

In this video we see a man hitting a woman in a taxi and threatening to even kill her. It was surprising to see that the passengers in the taxi were not doing anything about the situation, even the taxi driver was calm about the whole situation.

Which would come to the conclusion that maybe the women did or said something bad about the men which made the man hit her. It seems as if the woman is the person who is wrong in this situation because the taxi driver even asked her to get out of the taxi. Even though the woman is wrong in this case but a man should never hit a woman. 


The woman may have made the man angry that resulted in the man hitting the woman. However it is never a good thing to hit a woman especially now that the country is facing gender based violence every single day. The man should have handled the situation in a different way rather then resorting to violence.


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