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ANC is supported by middle aged people who are unemployed, it will be difficult to overcome them

Our grandparents still believe in what happened in 1994 it's sad, one of the reasons there is no youth leadership representing us, constructing a better future for all, there are ways to change a country if there's unity this is why European countries have grown to see much better while we were promised change for the last 27years. I think it's time for new leadership, change is what we need change makes a difference, new leaders with fresh strategies are needed we as the youth need to take care of our elderly parents as they've taken care of us but with more care. Change is now🙏

The ANC has been bought and paid for by the NWO they are now puppets of evil men who are trying to kill us.. if you doubt this statement.. where is the 500 billion rand that was given by the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation.. do not take the vaccine.. please don’t do it!!

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