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'This Is What The Police Found On Foreign Nationals

Ordinary members of the public are quite shocked about the incident that we're seeing here as it seems like another incident where foreign nationals have come from their country, illegally crossed over the border and then started to proceed to commit criminal activities.

This has been a shock to members of the public because it is quite clear that the perpetrators of crimes are very young but the gravity of their criminal activities is too much, to an extent where they can not be allowed to roam around as they have to be placed in police custody.

It is believed that the suspects had uninstalled the mini substation and they proceeded to try to smuggle it out of the country, this is a criminal act that the perpetrators of crimes were doing and the law has to take its course in bringing the perpetrators of crimes to justice.

The suspects are quite young but it’s clear that they can really cause a lot of crime, and that is quite serious problem for the people of this country.

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