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As we approach the Festive season here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed at bank ATMs

Criminals don't have to wait for the Festive season to start scamming people at the bank ATMs. However, there is some evidence which seem to suggest that criminals tend to operate more frequently during the Festive seasons. And one of the reasons why criminals target the Festive seasons, is because most employed people receives their bonues during this time.

Some people who don't recieve bounes, generally save money during the cause of the year, so that they can spend their saved monies with their families and colleagues during the Festive season. There is some serious indication that people are more prone to be careless during the Festive seasons, because of many interesting activities that generally takes place during the month of December.

It is against this backdrop that a lists of some of the tips on how to avoid being scammed is provided. Readers are reminded that there are plenty of tips that can help them to avoid being scammed. However, due to space only few notable tips will be enumerated belong.

Besides, people getting scammed at Bank ATMs during the Festive season: another criminal activities that are common occurrence during the month of December is car hijacking and house breaking. So, it is extremely important for the communities to be extra vigilant during this time.

Without further ado, below is some tips which readers can take into account as we enter the Festive season in few weeks time. Again, readers are reminded that we are still living in the time of corona virus pandemic. As such, people need to obey COVID-19 protocols to avoid spreading the virus.

Here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed at the bank ATMs:

Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM•Never give your card or PIN to anyone, for any reason. •Don’t write your PIN on the card or anything that is kept with the card. •Do not insert your card until asked to do so by the display screen.

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