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A man was discovered at maternity room doing this that left people in shock

A man who is almost age 26 was discovered in a hospital in the maternity room doing the unexpected thing that left people in shock and disbelief their eyes.

This man performed the way mothers lay and do on the bed 🛌 when they are about to give birth to their newborn babies. This man become a laughing stock on social media after they saw the post of him doing this.

The maternity room is a delivery place where every pregnant woman used to give birth to their new babies it.

This man is not ashamed of himself for what he is trying to do only to show the women how did they do when they are on the way to get babies.

In this room, the man was playing this is where women used to give birth to their babies this man is cruel and not ashamed of what he is doing on the bed opening his legs.Some man is this nowadays sick they want to turn themselves into women like those who already turned into gay those people are a man but their behavior is for women.

This man currently shows the gay's that they are supposed to do this kind of an action because they call themselves women. Man is now playing about things that are very ashamed to show viral. how can a mature man do such I don't of the camera?

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