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What is Wrong With Ama 2000, Guy Asks After Seeing a Girl Doing This to a Statue

The new generation known as the ama 2000 are a totally different generation from those that were born in the 80's and the 90's, and it is all visible in the way they behave and conduct themselves. A lot of people commented on how the ama 2000 act and present themselves and they don't seem to even be fazed by it. 

Its safe to say that this is their time and they are having a blast and living the best time of their lives. One guy posted a picture of a girl doing shameful things to a statue of one of the most respected people in the country Moses Mbeki. Even though she was just probably just doing what she did for the pictures and for likes on social media, it appeared differently in the eyes of those that saw it and it is perceived as disrespectful in our eyes.

Here are some comments of what people thought of what the girl did to that statue in public. 


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