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PAINFUL || A Lady Was Raped And Killed On Her Birthday, RIP

Cases of gender-based violence that have occurred in South Africa continue to demonstrate that a significant amount of work need to be done in order to guarantee the protection of women. You can't go a day without hearing about the murder of a woman, and it makes you wonder what exactly is going wrong in the world that causes males to treat women in such an unequal way. Women in this country continue to live in fear, unsure of what might occur to them because of the manner in which women are murdered on a regular basis. Those responsible for such things almost always get away with it, which is a terrible thing to do.

Masabata Phiri, who was twenty years old, was attacked on her birthday, raped, and then stabbed to death. A day that was supposed to be full of joy ended up being filled with a very unpleasant way instead. It is said that she was enjoying her birthday at the time that she was attacked, raped, and stabbed to death. She had no idea that it might be her last, and all she wanted was for other people to share in the joy of celebrating her birthday with her. She had such a promising future ahead of her, but her life was taken from her in the most agonizing way possible.

Because they had hopes of seeing their daughter achieve great things, her parents will find it difficult to find peace with her passing. The kind of pain that comes from the loss of a child is not the kind that goes away quickly. It must be really upsetting to consider the possibility of never seeing her or hearing her voice again. A number of people have voiced their opinions on the situation, and the majority of them agree that those responsible for her passing ought to be held accountable.

The fact that the court system continues to discriminate against women makes people more upset, and it causes women to live in dread of their own government. Putting them in jail is obviously not working, but handing them the death penalty will really be useful in this situation. If the legal system continues to discriminate against women, then individuals will have no choice but to take matters into their own hands. In your opinion, what should be done about this situation? Please share your thoughts in the comment box, and be sure to follow got more news. Please take into consideration that the first two photographs are just examples.

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