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"I was Defiled By Four Men, Because of Money I borrowed to Buy Sanitary Pads" Lady cries.

True, there are persons who have terrible sores but disguise them behind a happy façade. There are people who have been through a lot in their lives but lack a platform to convey their story or are afraid to speak their stories because of stigma. Jane Atieno came out freely yesterday, September 21st, via the presenter Ali youtube channel, to tell her story about how a loan of 100 Shillings completely ruined her life.

Jane, who comes from a low-income family, explained that their issues began when their breadwinner died. As a result, they were forced to migrate to the Eastlands neighborhood of Soweto. Despite paying a monthly rent of $2,000, her mother was unable to pay it due to her cancer.

As a result, she and her siblings began grinding, and she decided to become a drug dealer. Because the company wasn't paying her, she chose to abuse the pills on her own. She ran out of money one day and chose to borrow sanitary pads from his male friend, who gave them to her and told her she had to return them. The same thing happened the next month, and she went to that boy, who gave her the money and told her to repay it; the debt was now 100 shillings.

Jane couldn't afford to pay that much money, so the boy took advantage of her. One day, while she was relaxing at the playground, the boy summoned her to his house and began demanding his money. He was with three of his closest pals. They planned to gang rape Jane because she didn't have any money, despite the fact that she was only 13 years old. She became pregnant as a result of the deed, which made her life much more difficult.

Her mother relocated and returned to the upcountry once the poor conditions at their home worsened, her siblings turned against her. Jane was left to fend for herself and her child, and she was compelled to wash people's clothing and gather garbage to help pay the bills.

After securing a 1500-square-foot apartment, the for males tracked her down again, the first time in 2005, and this time in 2010, they gang raped her and left her with knife injuries. She became pregnant with her second kid. Her life had turned to misery because she was now a mother of two, unemployed, and suffering from stomach wounds. Jane has been struggling since 2010, and she is still struggling now.

Her children are rather large, with one being 15 years old and the other being 11 years old.

She is unable to pay their school fees, and things are difficult for her. She has asked well-wishers to assist her, and she will be grateful.

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