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Husband and wife relationship

A man visited his wife’s gravesite and urged the family to remove the tombstone, here is why


Most people visit the gravesite of their loved ones for certain reasons known to them, however, no one expects to find anything that will break their hearts throughout the whole painful process. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case with mkhulu Mishack Mahlangu as he got a shock of his life when he visited his wife’s grave on the 24th of December 2021. According to Daily News, the 67-years-old man found a wrong tombstone on his deceased wife Martha Mbonani’s grave and that has left him with numerous unanswered questions. 

Mishack stated that the information that was engraved on the tombstone didn’t correspond with the initial details on her death certificate. He couldn’t understand how the tombstone got to Martha’s grave at Einel graveyard. Mishach is from Tweefontein, Mpumalanga and has pleaded with anyone who knows the family that put the wrong tombstone on Martha’s grave to come forward. As this needs to be fixed and they cannot rest until it's done. According to reports, the person’s tombstone stated that she was born in 1985 and passed away in 1992, meanwhile, his wife’s was born in 1958 and died in 1996. After he last visited in April 2021, he feels that everything occurred after that as they put the wrong tombstone on his wife’s grave. "When I came here in April, there was nothing but now I've found a tombstone and we don't even know who erected it," said Mahlangu speaking to Daily News.

Mishack stated that they were planning to erect a tombstone for Martha, however, the only thing that stood in their way financial difficulties. Nevertheless, the Mahlangus are still working on making sure that Martha's grave gets the correct tombstone. The 67-year-old Tweefontein man stated that he has tried to reach out to people around the Einel graveyard to figure out the person that put the wrong tombstone on her wife's grave, but no luck.

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