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Unexpected || It ended in tears for Foreigners, as they got Arrested for doing "Horrible" things.

09 December 2021

The situation of crime in the Country needs state of emergency, a Country of 59 million people having 60 murders per day, Daily Robberies by armed gangs, Mass Rapes of Women, Hijacked Buildings etc. This Country needs a Reboot and start afresh. The Law in South Africa Functions only when the South Africans are at the receiving end . Foreigners are exempt from arrest, the trespass on land, the overload, they drive unroadworthy cars, they violate immigration and labour laws and nothing is done to them. They do plenty crimes in South Africa. Ramaphosa went to West Africa to sell out the sovereignty of the country, he had relaxed travelling requirements of the people who come here for dealing in and drugs an committing all sorts of criminality, strengthen law enforcement before allowing people here. African Migrants come to SA illegally and have a lot of children so that getting them back to their countries becomes impossible, this an old trick using children to cement parasitism and violating out Immigration laws

There is probably 5 Million Illegal immigrants in the East Rand Only, last time we went to Germiston, Boskburg Ramaphosa Settlement, we went to Springs Dunnottar. We saw so many Foreigners and definitely undocumented. Why is Government Allowing such Influx. Each and everyday we ask ourselves somany questions like why is Anc still in Government, why don’t they do and honourable thing and surrender the government, pass a motion of no confidence against themselves. Call for Early National Elections and government of National Unity be in charge in the meantime. The reason why President Ramaphosa’s Leadership is consultative is because he knows how he got into power, you cannot be confident and lead if your power is fake and has got no support. We need to change this fake Government by 2024.

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Mass Rapes of Women


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