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Road Accident

Community Woke Up To Darkness After A Bakkie Crashed Into Electricity Box On Banket Street

A Bakkie crashed into the electricity box in Banket Street, West Acres. The community members had been left without electricity throughout the night, although they are trying to restore it they really cannot do so just in time to ensure that they are doing it fast enough.

The community members are obviously upset with the fact that this man had driven his vehicle and crashed into their electricity box and caused a widespread darkness, Incident had left the area without electricity because a lot of people to question themselves about the incident that took place for this thing to happen to them it is a good thing about authorities have quickly come to their rescue and they're trying to remedy the situation

The City of Mbombela’s electricity department is on the scene and will be working to restore the electricity, the community members can now rest easy knowing that their electricity bill is good enough that the officials are doing the right thing.

We know how easy it is for the the suspects to come in the middle of the night and steal this equipment that provides electricity to the whole community, this is something that is predominantly found in the area.

The fire department is also on scene to ensure that the proper procedures are conducted by the authorities who were already present on scene to ensure that electricity is restored in the community, because the community members are growing restless every hour it passes without them having had their electricity restored. The individual who crashed into the electricity box had probably went home, and not suffer any kind of concern for his criminal activities.

There are 30s need to ensure that they are doing the right thing to determine that the criminal activities are not being perpetrated at such an alarming rate in the area, because they definitely don't want to find themselves in such a situation.

Criminal activities are being perpetrated by the members of the public you can imagine that this is something that we are not looking forward to, and we know that more can be done in order to ensure that the criminal activities in the country are prevented.

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