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42 undocumented foreign nationals arrested at Bara Taxi Rank in Soweto

The battle against illegal foreigners continues, as you can see, illegal foreigners are getting arrested all the way from the boarder gate to Cape town. The most targeted group are the Zimbabweans, you would wonder because, we have Mozambicans, Nigerians, Malawians, though Zimbabweans are in large numbers but there are not the only ones who are doing crime.

Right now we have got a number of officers deployed through out the country just to make sure that the undocumented foreigners get arrested and be deployed. It is not hatred towards our fellow Africans, it is just that when they cross the boarder illegally, they can not be held responsible for the wrongs or the right they do. They can get away with anything because they are untraceable.

Chirundu boarder, Botswana boarder, Mozambican, Swziland and Lesotho, none of these boarders are considered to be as busy as the Beitbridge boarder post, maybe that is the reason why we have our law enforcement agents focussing on Zimbabweans.[0]=AZXVObH-DZwyRKb2GzGrqP_NyZ10ykpUBw1BRY5O7xTnED6GpdK7pYWGY7Gdko1lZfZJKfnhrB5MzqAkvxrSiuiU5UWBW0XxEmaFnf6l2GPP2XNfWZ8s8DvwEelEJwWby_qzQnmqJeS45F2un-Zpiy0vRkY_AscDlsM-sVucmIOyjkCsfvzixUWumUkwDN189EQ&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

42 undocumented foreign nationals arrested at Bara Taxi Rank in Soweto

Operation Dudula, aimed at removing illegal immigrants and their businesses, Operation Dudula descended on the rank to remove illegal foreign nationals hawking there.



Coming to South Africa is not a problem, the problem is how they come and what they are coming to do. A lot of them come here with good intentions but when they get stuck here, they become desperate, they can be taken advantage of, nobody is as dangerous the person who is hungry and desperate. They engage in prostitution, they can be paid to kill and sell all kinds of drugs. It is very unfortunate that there is no sign at the moment that Zimbabwe will change, except through new leadership.

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