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Most Expensive Celebrity Car Crashes - Check out Number 3


You'd think Cristiano would be as professional behind the wheel as he is on the pitch, but he managed to crash his £286,000 car while going through a Manchester tunnel. Ronaldo was driving alongside his teammate Edwin van der Sar when he lost control of the vehicle. It swerved into the side of the wall, completely obliterating the car's front end. One of the wheels had been sheared off and was discovered 200 meters from the vehicle. Ronaldo was unharmed in the accident and seemed unfazed by the vehicle. If I had a 2 million dollar fleet at home, I wouldn't do it either.


Rowan Atkinson, star of Mr Bean, crashed his legendary McLaren F1. Atkinson crashed into a small city car in a small town, but the car was restored, and the actor continued to drive it for another 12 years. But wait, it doesn't stop there. Atkinson later wrecked his vehicle again, resulting in the world's most expensive car insurance claim. The problem is that Atkinson fractured both of his collarbones in the accident, but he recovered quickly. The second crash convinced him that he wasn't the best McLaren F1 driver and that getting into that car was too risky, so he sold it for £8 million.


When the lead singer of Jamiroquai's Maroon Diablo ran off the lane, he was attempting to make a tight turn. His £150,000 pride and joy was immediately written off. To make matters worse, the superstar was fined an extra £600 for the mishap. Though £600 wasn't a lot of money for the singer, it made him feel pretty bad.


Afrojack, a Dutch DJ, charged £290,000 for a Ferrari 458 Italia, which he immediately wrote off an hour later. The DJ was struck from behind and collided with the roadside. Since he tweeted a picture of himself smiling in front of his wrecked car, he received a lot of backlash from his fans. His response was that it was just a car and that no one was hurt in the incident.


Eddie was attending a fundraising function for the film "Redline" when he mistook the accelerator for the brakes during the pre-race warmup in his £1 million Ferrari Enzo and crashed into a concrete wall. The car, it turns out, was lent to him by his friend Daniel Sadek. Daniel handled the news of his million-pound car being written off admirably, saying that he was relieved Eddie was okay and that there is much more to life than a car.

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