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Imagine This Child Is Your Own Child-Mother In Tears As She Calls For Protest Over Death Of Her Son

"Imagine This Child Is Your Own Child” – Sylvester Oromoni’s Mother In Tears As She Calls For Protest Over Death Of Her Son


Source: Nadia Buhari Facebook page or

A mother is crying over the death if her son and sje want justice to Avenged. The late Sylvester Oromoni was the Dowen college student when he died. Apparently he died after he harassed and tortured by his classmates. His mother has made her first appearance since the tragedy death of her son and she cannot stop crying as she call protest over the death of her son. The family of the late Dowen college student, Sylvester Oromoni have auprised the country bybthe way they handled the celebratiin of their son’s birthday today, despite his of his death.

There is Sylvester’s mother heartbreaking video that is currentlycirculatingin socialmediawhich display the celebration of her son’s birthday who was brutal murder by alleged classmates in school. Those who still don't understand why celebrating his birthday day when he is not alive. But the way ,they are celebriting his birthday ,is it right we can't blame them, they might have been planning this before the sad incident occurred. Those behind this will never go scott free. There is a new video which is currently circulating and being shared by Sylvester’s family which confirmed that the family of the deceased had kept their promise to celebrate their son’s birthday as they promised.

There is a new video which is currently making some rounds which shows Sylvester Oromoni’s mother crying painful as she is calling out Dowen College for their ill-treatment guven to them after the death of their son her son. According to the source she is calling for a protest so as not to cover up the problem.

It is said that the Down College have also released a statement confirming that the boy used to played a foot ball game at school. We are now asking If the ball is a spiritual ball or not? According to the source Imagine this child is your own child, groaning in pain, serious pain like this to die. What is happening to our schools?

Am full of heart broken over dis boy death hmmm, is only one Man in this our cuntry that can give Sylvester justice and is nobody else but (Ordinary Ahamed Isaiah) Bereketel family Human rights radio and television 101.1 Fct. Sorry for the death of their son, The killers must surely be apprehended.

Even if people can protest from now till tomorrow Nigeria na wayo country . This guys that caused this evil will be sent out of the country immediately their parents discover they have a hand in it . They will come out and be shouting justice for Sylvester.

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