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'This Man Got A Guinness World Record For Changing A Car's Tyre While It Was Moving

In Nigeria and other parts of the globe, there are a large number of persons who have set Guinness world records. A Guinness World Record can only be achieved by doing something that no one else has been able to do before. You can only preserve the record if no one else is able to break it before you do so. No one has ever been able to beat the records that some individuals have established, and that includes you!

There is no question that Nigerians possess a disproportionate number of Guinness World Records. It was a guy from the United Kingdom named Terry Grant who set the Guinness World Record for being the quickest person to replace a tire on a moving vehicle. He achieved this feat while driving his automobile. While he was demonstrating his abilities, the automobile in which he was riding was in motion.

Because the automobile was spinning in a circular motion, the driver decided to loosen the wheel of the vehicle and remove the tyre from the vehicle. After removing the tyre, he exited the vehicle, which was still spinning, and went in search of the spare tyre, which was conveniently located nearby.

His next move was to grab the spare tire and hop into his vehicle, which was still in motion. In the meanwhile, he began to work on the spare tyre in the moving automobile. He was able to replace the tyre on a moving automobile in approximately 3 minutes and 10 seconds while the vehicle was still moving.

When he changed the tyre on his automobile while it was moving, he set a new world record for the fastest man on the planet. To have a better understanding of this record, please watch the video linked below. Please share, like, and follow me on social media.

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