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Theft robbery

Man stealing chicken got caught and forced to eat it raw


When hunger strikes people do whatever they can to hustle for food, a man found himself in deep trouble after being caught trying to steal a chicken from his neighborhood. The community allegedly caught him red-handed after noticing that their chickens are always missing.

A footage of this man was taken to social media, where he is seen being forced to eat an uncooked chicken. It is said that the punishment was instructed by the owner after realizing how many he stole from him. Avoiding to be arrested the owner forced him to eat the chicken raw or else face prison.

According to news provided by GH news from Ghana the man is believed to have passed his mid-30s. Would you instruct this act on someone after they stole from you. If so leave your comment and share the article, for more content you welcome to follow the page danko.

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