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Caregiver Arrested For Abusing Mentally Challenged Young Man

In a shocking incident, a 55 year old woman has been arrested for raping a 21 year old mentally challenged man. She was hired to be a caregiver to the young man but she abused him.

When we think of a caregiver, we imagine someone responsible who takes care of the vulnerable, someone who will be there every minute of the day to care for those dependant on them. When a person who is supposed to be taking care of a person does something as horrendous as abusing them then we question, who can be trusted? Do we really know?

This was the case in this incident, the woman who is 55 years old a caregiver and old enough to be the mother of this young man took advantage of the situation.

The young man told a neighbour what the lady was doing to him and it was the neighbour who reported the matter which resulted in the arrest of the lady.

She has been sentenced to life in prison for her crimes.


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