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Corruption Shall Never End In Mzansi, The Were Given 15 Million To Build A Stadium And This Happened

Although South Africa is divided into 9 provinces and all of them has various things which they differ with one thing, one can say that all the 9 provinces all have in common is the unfaithful official and political leader's. I mean look around many parts of South Africa many roads and infrastructures are destroyed and if you should do a follow-up on why they are not fixed you will find out that they have been fixed the job just was not done the proper way.

So now as if doing all that all along was not enough, Some leaders seems to have now gone as far as chowing money to build and renovate some infrastructures, For example let me take you though the story of the lesseyton sports field. Well what happened was that the sports field was a mess when the local officials decided to fix it and give it life with the states money which is allergies to be R 15 000 000 according to my source

Well after all that here is how the stadium actually looked like. See the pics attached below.

Well what happened here was the R15 000 000 is alleged to have been used to cover Palisade fencing, Rock blasting, Earth works, Add a rugby and soccer field, An athletic field, and change rooms, water and electricity installations, A gravel parking yard, yet the stadium still don't have a proper grand stand. Do you as an individual think that the stuff named about can cost up to R15 000 000 or there was some foul play somewhere? Have a look at the screenshots below to see what other people had to say about this stadium being alleged to have cost that much

So now with all this being said, what is it that you as an individual have to say? Please state your views in the comment's section below

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