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Man saved by his IPhone 12 after being shot at.

It's not everyday where we get to hear that a person was involved in a shoot out and actually came out alive. A lot of people have not been lucky with surviving a gunshot attack, either while they are driving or out on the streets. For one to survive a gunfire then they would really have to be lucky and God must really be looking out for that person.

Well a man has recently shocked the whole country after he survived a shootout, and how he survived is what is even more surprising for a lot of people. Max Mqadi is the name of the man. It's being said that he got shot at while he was in his car but he survived the shootout and how he actually survived is somewhat of a miracle.

Max was saved by his cellphone, while he was being shot at it seems that one of the bullets hit his cellphone, which is an IPhone 12 and the bullet actually failed to penetrate his phone and actually reach him. People were shocked by this and Max's story has been shared all over social media and its honestly an inspiration one, because we get to see the grace of God.

I'm sure after this a lot of people will surely consider buying themselves an iPhone 12. This kind of proves that the iPhone brand isn't made with cheap material, it is made with genuine value and quality that other brands would not compare to. This would even explain why the iPhone brand is so expensive, well now we might have a clue as to why it's this expensive.

Well, Max sure was lucky, if he didn't have his phone what would have happened to him, would his family be crying now or would he still have survived?

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IPhone Max Mqadi


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