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Could Julius Malema Be Right? Check Out What He Said


Julius Malema calls for 'DNA bank' to get attackers immediately 

EFF pioneer Julius Malema, tending to the local area of Letlhabile in the North West, said a DNA bank would assist with grabbing attackers rapidly and fill in as an impediment against the wrongdoing. 

EFF pioneer Julius Malema has required the foundation of a "DNA bank" in SA to control violations like assault. 

Malema was on the nearby government political race trail at Letlhabile in Brits, in the Madibeng region in the North West, on Friday evening. 

Malema said it makes no sense that a "assault capital" of the world like SA doesn't have a DNA bank to assist with getting attackers quickly. 

This was anyway to be expected, he added, on the grounds that the public authority of the day, headed by the ANC, was just worried about who gets what delicate and that's it. 

"Children are being assaulted each day and a portion of these attackers are wandering around similar networks, not in jail, and are being hailed as local area saints. Why? Since there is no DNA bank in SA, which would make it simple to get these lawbreakers and send them to imprison for seemingly forever," said Malema. 

"Many assault survivors in our networks can't discover conclusion for quite a long time since we can't follow these hoodlums through something basic called DNA. 

"Wrongdoing should end with our age, those that come after us should discover frameworks set up. Yet, no, that won't be done, on the grounds that what SA is acceptable at under the ANC is tenders since that is the place where there is cash." 

Malema cracked down on the delicate framework and reevaluating of administrations by districts, saying it was a spear tossing plan for money managers and degenerate city authorities and the fundamental driver of helpless assistance conveyance. 

Due to tenders, guaranteed Malema, numerous organizations that were designated for administrations were similar ones who attacked the work they did to get one more delicate to fix it. This, he said, at neighborhood government level was especially induced by specialist co-ops that work in the water and power space. 

"A business gets selected to introduce a force transformer through the delicate framework, then, at that point, after three weeks the installer harms it purposely and the region goes to delicate once more. What's more, think about what, the very business that got the delicate to introduce the transformer will get the delicate to fix it." 

The usual way of doing things was something very similar, with those organizations that help with water trucks in case of water slices to fix running water pipelines. 

Concerning water, he charged, it was plundering open season in light of the fact that even ANC councilors were proprietors of waters trucks who purposely slice running water pipelines to constrain regions to go out to delicate for water trucks and designate their organizations. 

"For what reason do districts not own water trucks that will be on backup to supply water in the event of crises? The deliberate harm would end in light of the fact that regardless of whether you do it, there will be no delicate given. Civil water trucks will move in and nobody exploits the circumstance." 


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